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Problems accessing and using CustomerNet

The information here is provided as a checklist should you be experiencing problems getting to or logging on to CustomerNet which is found at - note and should work also as you will automatically be directed through to the new site.

  • If you can get the Logon Page up but the system does not recognise your user id or password then this is probably because the move to the new address has meant that your browser is unable to link the saved user information to the new site - please contact one of the people below who can re-issue your user information.
  • If you can get to this site and yet you cannot get to CustomerNet please make sure that you have not got any 'pop-up stopper' software running on your pc. If you have and you have not added the pop-up of then you will need to in order to get the logon page.
  • If you can read this but the 'pop-up stopper' message immediately above is not thought to be a problem then you need to check the version of the browser you are using - it should be Internet Explorer 5.0 or above.

    To check this follow these steps;

    1. Click the Help option on the Internet Explorer menu bar which should be visible above
    2. Click on the About Internet Explorer option
    3. The version number will be displayed in the About Internet Explorer popup window that appears.
    4. Click the OK button to close the popup.

    To use CustomerNet your browser needs to support the latest security protection possible for Internet communications. Certain older versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (Versions 5.1 and earlier) do not support this.

    One solution is to install the latest version of Internet Explorer which you can download from Microsoft's site at

If after going through the above you are still experiencing problems then please contact one of the following:

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